BSI Global  is very proud to be the only Aboriginal Status Services company with Canadian Nuclear and Hydro experience and references in our field.

We focus on delivering successful results time after time.

  • Project planning
  • On-site management
  • Budgeting & estimating
  • Decommissioning 

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Our portfolio includes the successful delivery of resources and management of small, medium and large infrastructure and energy projects.


Our consultants all have solid backgrounds in both nuclear and hydro projects. New and refurbishments. You get the benefit of experience that's been acquired year after year, job after job.

BSI Global uses specialty and proven processes for planning, tracking, and managing even the biggest projects. We pinpoint how to deliver what our clients expect.

  • Project Management
  • Resource management
  • Project Controls
  • Engineering

meet project milestones


Safety is our first priority. It involves the active participation of all employees. Through a program that includes jobsite risk assessments, safety orientation, activity risk training, safety talks and site inspections, we strive to minimize safety risks and avoid injuries. At BSI Global, these efforts are coordinated through our dedicated Safety Department and supported by all department heads and supervisors, Joint Health and Safety Committees and by all employees.

Our target is zero incidences.

It makes all the difference in your projects


BSI Global is dedicated to implementing the CSA N299 quality standards 

get the job done

Finish on time and under budget

launch with the right plan in place




Environmental Policy

BSI Global seeks to establish and sustain a positive environmental legacy for future generations. In doing so, the company is committed to minimizing its overall impact on the environment while encouraging and activating environmentally responsible behavior on the part of employees, partners, clients and business associates throughout the world. 

Certified Canadian Aboriginal Business

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Getting it right the first time


We love nothing more than to help our clients deliver the job when they said they would. We have a proven track record of making that happen, even under the most intense deadline pressure. Let us manage the details that trip up most big projects.